It’s not often a corporate sustainability program comes along that EVERYONE in the C-suites can get behind.

Ecodriving Solutions is about more than training green fleet drivers. It provides executives and the workforce they lead with a time-saving, resource-reducing, money-making, story-generating, completely-accountable corporate social responsibility platform. It demonstrates your leadership in your industry to customers and shareholders alike.

Here’s why the C-suite can get behind the wheel of ecodriving training

  1. Fleet Managers benefit by significantly reducing fuel and maintenance costs
  2. Chief Training Officers can implement a proven turn-key training program without tying up their own IT and training resources
  3. Human Resource Directors have a new tool that engages employees and builds camaraderie
  4. Directors of Risk Management sleep better at night because safer drivers result from the ecodriving training
  5. Corporate Sustainability Officers have a “green” program they can promote to stakeholders and shareholders that is totally accountable and delivers real numbers on the company’s reduced impact to the community and the planet
  6. Chief Marketing Officers can use the results of ecodriving training as a powerful way to strengthen their company’s corporate social responsibility story
  7. Chief Financial Officers appreciate a nearly immediate return on their investment found in reduced fuel and maintenance costs
  8. Chief Executive Officers are proud of the leadership role in their industry inherent in a program that positively impacts its people, their planet, and the company’s profits

Do you have a role in a company that would benefit from ecodriving driving training for your fleet that I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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