In the nearly 20 years we’ve been creating our brand of green marketing, we’ve learned that to be truly sustainable, you have to embrace the “Five P’s” of people, profits, planet, process and peril. It’s not just about being “Green.”

A Fortune 100 company recently deployed Ecodriving Solutions and has already experienced tremendous success in employee adoption of the training (People), and immediate fuel savings (Profit). Of course, by saving fuel every fleet that taps the Ecodriving Solutions online training program naturally reduces its carbon footprint (Planet), while increasing the efficiency of its operations (Process). Finally, by its very nature, Ecodriving Solutions creates safer drivers, which reduces your exposure to risk (Peril).

That’s why our agency, Park&Co, is proud to be part of the Ecodriving Solutions team with the content experts at Pro Formance Group, and we’re curious what Ecodriving means to you and your fleet? Are you looking for fuel savings, or the eco-street cred that comes with an accountable “green” initiative like Ecodriving Solutions? Perhaps it’s about employee engagement around a proven eco-friendly program that works?

Where Our Rubber Meets the Road

We have helped companies large and small with their environmental initiatives and corporate social responsibility programs. In 1999, we launched the Water – Use It Wisely conservation campaign in Mesa, AZ, and it has since grown to become the largest water conservation effort in the world with more than 400 private and public entities using the campaign.

Park&Co is the creative mastermind behind “Bring Back Blue,” an award-winning clean air campaign. We also created  the critically acclaimed sustainability report and “Secure Arizona’s Future” campaign for Resolution Copper Mining, a division of the multi-national mining company, Rio Tinto.

We branded and helped launch Phoenix Metro Light Rail, the most successful light rail launch in terms of traffic in the nation.

Our work has been recognized in several publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Stanford University’s, “Social Innovation Review,” an award-winning magazine covering best strategies for nonprofits, foundations, and socially responsible businesses.

Other notable publications include, Philip Kotler’s college textbook,“Corporate Social Responsibility, Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause,” Craig Cortello’s “Everything We Needed to Know About Business We Learned Playing Music,” David Bach’s “Go Green, Live Rich,” in Fast Company magazine’s blog, and featured in EcoSeed’s “Bridging Environment and Economy” magazine.

I am Park Howell, president of Park&Co, and I am proud to welcome you to Ecodriving Solutions. If you would like to learn more about our approach to green marketing and sustainability, please follow my blog called, “Sustainable Storytelling.”

So, what’s your story?

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