UK based First Bus has seen a 4.9% increase in their fuel savings and a 30,000 ton decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by combining the use of telematics with a change in driver behavior.

The program that First has undertaken is referred to as Drivegreen, and has been implemented throughout its 8,500 bus fleet. First is UK’s largest bus fleet.

While telematics show the drivers when and where they are driving in a fuel efficient and carbon reduction conscious manner, the telemetics system cannot change how the vehicle is driven.

Instead, there must be a blended approach to the task of reducing carbon emissions and increasing fuel economy – that approach includes changing driver behavior by having the drivers follow a series of efficient driving tips – we refer to that process as Ecodriving, and First’s success with such a program is hardly a first for Ecodriving.

Fleets the world over have seen similar and even more pronounced successes using the simple tips that are part of the Ecodriving theory.

Ecodriving – it works.

About Mike Speck

Lead facilitator and Master Ecodriving trainer for Ecodriving Solutions.
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