After delaying it for several years at the behest of those companies which would likely bear the greatest impact, the Australian government has reached  a milestone in their legislative process with the passage of a controversial new tax designed to reduce the country’s carbon footprint significantly by 2015.

The Australian’s Carbon Tax is directed at what their independently appointed Climate Change Authority considers to be the 500 biggest pollution producing companies.  The companies will be taxed $23 per ton of carbon that they emit, beginning in July of 2012.



Knowing that many companies may then be likely to offset the increased costs to the consumers, the Australian government has said that it will allow generous tax breaks and potential financial assistance to households.

Part of the tax money is destined for environmental protection projects throughout Australia.

Critics of the new law saw that it will cost jobs as said companies will fight to survive, and that prices of goods may rise beyond the average person’s ability to cope despite the proposed financial assistance.

An article on the matter suggests that other countries will soon be taking on a similar line of legislation that was started almost a decade ago by the EU.  The State of California is has legislation on the table to begin a comparable program in 2013.

The Australian government feels that the companies most directly affected by the Carbon Tax will have to come up with innovative responses to the need to reduce their carbon output.

We have a great idea on the front.

Adopt the task of Ecodriving.

Ecodriving is the process of changing driver behavior and utilizing various routing means and sense of a proactive approach to driving to help increase fuel economy, ensure a safer driving experience and also reduce carbon emissions.

Countries throughout the EU have adopted the Ecodriving theory and its curriculum to great effect.  In fact, the fuel savings alone, which are commonly on the order of 5% to 7% for fleets of heavy duty vehicles have allowed the companies involved to see very fast ROI and to help offset any taxes that are levied.

In addition the carbon emission reductions for any fleets that exercise Ecodriving practice have notable reductions.

By adopting simple Ecodriving techniques everyone can win with the new Australian Carbon Tax.

Companies that embrace Ecodriving will see a reduction in fuel expenses and an associated reduction in yearly expenses, their reduction in carbon output will limit the adverse affect of the taxation, the monies that are saved by those companies can be put toward other environmentally and fuel efficiency friendly technologies, and the taxes raised by the Australian government can be used to protect the environments of one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

For more information on how Ecodriving can benefit your fleet, peruse our site, and you’ll quickly find out that what we say is true…

Ecodriving – it works.



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