After several years of having hybrid cars on the market, and with many fleets managers choosing to buy those vehicles to help reduce their overall fuel costs and carbon footprint, the first full electric vehicles are beginning to become available.

Will they be the end all beat all answer in the fuel saving carbon footprint equation for fleets across the country?

There is no doubt that the potential of full electric or “plug in” cars is simply huge, and while certainly not perfect at this point, it must be noted that these cars and the associated technology are still very much in their infancy.

That said, while the progress of electric cars from a technology standpoint will undoubtedly eventually bring the price point down in adjusted dollars and will become less of a perceived compromise for drivers, they still do use energy, and energy costs money. It always will.

Also, to produce the electricity to recharge the batteries, when developed by a coal using or other fossil fuel burning system, there is a measurable carbon footprint. And of course there is the environmental issue of what to do with the batteries once they are no longer rechargeable.

Here is what we are getting at.

Although the numbers suggest that full electric vehicles are a good thing in terms of overall savings, it is still up to the driver to maximize the undoubted benefits of these technological marvels. The better that a driver is trained to judiciously watch their energy use, the quicker the ROI will be on that initial investment. The fewer times that a battery pack needs to be recharged, the longer it will live and the less it will cost the fleet for replacement and the environment for disposal.

In short, the better your fleet drivers are at Ecodriving, the faster you will see those constantly sought after fleet fuel savings, and the sooner electric cars can make a truly green footprint.

Like we say a lot on this blog, it is not a matter of what you drive as it is how you drive it.

Ecodriving – it works.


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