Gallup Economy published an article back in 2008 that shows that once people take the step to change their driver behavior, or Ecodrive, the are likely to continue that behavior in the future.

The Gallup Polls on which the article is based, show that the stimulus for learning about how to change driver behavior and adopting that change came from a rise in fuel prices.

That fact alone is hardly surprising.  After all, studies have shown that changing driver behavior or Ecodriving, can save people up to 24% in fuel costs.  When gas is $4 a gallon, saving 24% is like paying $3 for that same gallon.

What is surprising though, is the simple fact that once people adopted Ecodriving techniques and changed their driver behavior, they kept that behavior constant even when fuel prices dropped again.

Not only is that fact unexpected, it is very encouraging.

Especially from our standpoint.

At Ecodriving Solutions we specialize in being able to bring fuel savings to trucking fleets across the country.  We do this by introducing the drivers to the concepts, techniques, and practices of Ecoodriving.


As a fleet manager, the Gallop poll suggests that if you take the time to teach your drivers how to change their behavior the Ecodriving way, you can see some sustainable success.

Ecodriving  - it works.


About Mike Speck

Lead facilitator and Master Ecodriving trainer for Ecodriving Solutions.
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