In my last post I talked about the fact that Ecodriving and dieting have some things in common.

1 – Every little bit counts.

2 – Changing your behavior can be the most critical component to success.

As it turns out, there is yet another connection between the two ideas which touches on why we are in business in the first place.

It is about teaching or learning, depending of course on which side of the equations you are.  Are Ecodriving or dieting terribly complicated ideas?  No.

Then why the need for a teaching process?

Because many times it helps to have all the concepts, all the ideas, and all the “tricks of the trade” as it were, packaged together to help the dieter or the aspiring fuel saver, and carbon footprint shrinker stay on track.

Is there really a niche for such a process?

Of course – look at how many successful companies have built themselves on offering, in addition to low cal foods, a way for each person to learn about the tricks of dieting and even diet plans that work for their particular body.

Ecodriving Solutions is the same type of company.  We teach you all the things that go in to Ecodriving. Things that you might already know, but that you don’t necessarily think about. And just like a good dieting program that looks at your personal nutritional needs, at Ecodriving Solutions, we take the time and the effort to look at what elements of Ecodriving your company or fleet can use to the greatest advantage. We can and do customize our programs to fit the physique of your fleet!

Plus, like dieting, Ecordriving training is sustainable. Once you learn about and are on the path it starts paying for itself.  With dieting you go the doctor less and with Ecodriving you spend less money.  We even offer what are called Ecodriving Snacks. Little post-training reminders that help you stay on the track of losing – losing things like frequent fuel stops, big carbon footprints and accident paperwork! Those are good things to lose, don’t you think?

Ecodriving – it works.

About Mike Speck

Lead facilitator and Master Ecodriving trainer for Ecodriving Solutions.
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