Ahhhh, L.A. traffic.  All that constant stop and go on the 405, the 110, the 5 – just about any freeway at any time of day has the potential to be jammed with people trying to get where they want to go in the least amount of time.  And really, it should be expected.  Southern California in general and L.A. in particular represent the car culture capital of the world.  Not only does everyone drive in L.A., but so many people drive some of the coolest hot rods, and they all want to get going down the road… NOW!

The irony is there for all to see.  Everyone wants to get where they want to go quickly, and they can’t because there is so much traffic.  And there is so much traffic because in their haste to get where they want to go quickly everyone is cutting everyone else off or getting involved in fender benders or even the occasional spark of road rage.

As it turns out, if everyone slowed down just a little bit, there would be less stop and go, fewer accidents, and everyone would get to their destinations a little sooner.

Go slower to get there faster?

Yup.  It works.  But everyone has to be on board.

Its an idea called Ecodriving.  It helps save fuel, reduce carbon emissions and makes roadways safer and more efficient.

End result?

Traffic flows freely in L.A. – we all breathe easier because the air is cleaner, we spend less money, and we don’t have to keep exchanging insurance cards.  Plus, we get where we want to go, in less time than we ever thought possible in a city where cars are king!

Want to learn more?  www.ecodrivingsolutions.com

Ecodriving – it works.

About Mike Speck

Lead facilitator and Master Ecodriving trainer for Ecodriving Solutions.
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