Sure, its hardly ground breaking news, and it is something that fleet mangers across the country know, but still, it is certainly good to see it in official print.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, properly trained fleet truck drivers can save 5% or more in fuel costs.  Just by driving in a fuel conscious fashion.

The EPA also suggests that even seasoned drivers can benefit from such driver training.

At Ecodriving Solutions we’ve known, just like you know, that driver training helps.  But, we also know a bit about actually doing the driving training. It’s what we specialize in. Convincing drivers that are set in their ways that saving fuel is a part of being a professional driver is what we do.

We can show that while moderate acceleration, proper use of the gearbox and maintaining momentum are some of the many technical keys to saving fuel, the real process of ecodriving is about a mindset.  It is a willingness to be a better, safer, more responsible driver. It is also a realization that the benefits gleaned from ecodriving help the company, the environment and the driver themselves.

Every fleet driver out there has something to gain from ecodriving training, and so does just about every fleet.

Check out our website for more information.

Ecodriving – it works.

About Mike Speck

Lead facilitator and Master Ecodriving trainer for Ecodriving Solutions.
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