Ecodriving is the process of using a few common sense driving tips to help you and your fleet drivers to be more fuel efficient. Done properly and consistently, they can help fleets save some serious money in fuel.

Just check out some of the other posts in this blog to see success stories from around the world, where trucking fleets have saved over 7% in their annual fuel bills.

The success that these fleets have seen comes not only from understanding what Ecodriving can do, but also understanding when it makes the most sense.

Ultimately, Ecodriving is based on the concept of trying to achieve three basic goals -

  1. Saving money on fuel and consumables
  2. Reducing carbon footprint
  3. Allowing for less stressful, more comfortable, and ultimately safer driving situations

Good Ecodrivers realize that these goals are interrelated to form a balance. There is anapplicability to the process  - a series of common sense limits.

For example, while turning off the air-conditioning has been shown to reduce load on the engine and save fuel, it doesn’t always make sense to turn off that cooling.  A driver that is in 100 degree plus heat without air-conditioning and is stuck in traffic is likely to become irritable with their situation and even resentful of the process. Such feelings increase stress and may even lead to the driver exhibiting that stress by driving harder, thereby negating the advantage of turning off the air in the first place.

Plus, it just doesn’t make much sense.

Another example revolves around the biggest source of fuel consumption  - acceleration.

We know that the more moderately we accelerate, the more fuel efficient we will be.  But, there must be a balance.  Accelerating too moderately on a freeway on-ramp, or not using brisk acceleration when needed to get out of a dangerous situation is simply unsafe.

Does it save fuel?


Does it make sense?


Remember, there is balance and there is applicability. And with these ideas in mind there is the potential for real fleet fuel savings success, a reduced carbon footprint, a lower annual operating bottom line, and a safer, happier fleet of drivers.

Want to learn more?

Check out the rest of the Ecodriving Solutions website and take our demo.  You will see two things right away.

Balance is key,


Ecodriving – it works.

About Mike Speck

Lead facilitator and Master Ecodriving trainer for Ecodriving Solutions.
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