So, there are many opinions out there on the viability and credibility of electric cars.  But, what are the facts.  I mean, just how truly “green” are electric cars?  We all know that they can’t be totally green, because the production of electrical energy is going to form some type of carbon footprint.  As will the production of the vehicle itself and the eventual disposal of the batteries.

But what are the variables?

What are the facts?

Check out this white paper written by Lindsay Wilson of Shades of Green.  He really shows what the variables are in energy production and how that effects the “greeness” as it were, of electric cars.

At their worst, electric cars produce the same carbon footprint as petrol powered cars, assuming they are driven the same way.

On the other hand, when using energy that is produced in a “green” fashion, such as through hydroelectric plants, the reduction in carbon footprint when compared to a gasoline powered car is on the order of 75%.

So, those are the facts in terms of getting the energy to the car. And, these facts should come as no real surprise.

But, once you have the energy stored in your electric car, it now becomes your responsibility to continue that “green” effect.

Ecodriving is what we’re talking about.  Reducing the total amount of energy that you use to from point A to point B.  Which means needing less energy when you go to plug in.  Which means you’ve done your part to reduce that carbon output and to increase what stays in your wallet.

Ecodriving is what ties the entire process together.

Want to learn more?  Check out our site or give us a call.  We can show you some of the nuances of what ecodriving is all about.

Eocdriving – it works.

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Lead facilitator and Master Ecodriving trainer for Ecodriving Solutions.
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