• Web-Based Training

    Our web-based instruction allows participants to self-train whenever and wherever it’s convenient. Three online modules provide engaging, interactive training for large numbers of your fleet drivers in multiple locations. The three sections take about 90 minutes to complete. They include an introductory call to action, a concepts and practices segment with video demonstrations and simulated drive-alongs, and a final assessment that brings all aspects of Ecodriving together in a short, interactive test that anchors the new fuel-saving driving behaviors.

  • Classroom Sessions

    Classroom sessions can be led by your internal trainers or by our instructors. Each two-hour session combines engaging short stories, discussion, video demonstrations and interactive activities. The classroom sessions are designed for 15 to 25 drivers and more can be accommodated if necessary.

    Should you choose to use your own classroom trainers, we can prepare them with a one-day train-the-trainer session. We also suggest the hands-on training first to make them stronger Ecodriving mentors.

  • Hands-On Training

    In the early stages of your Ecodriving campaign, we strongly recommend behind-the-wheel training for your key managers and opinion leaders to help bolster sponsorship and support for your program.

    Train the Trainers – Organizations with large fleets sometimes have their own internal training staff. We teach these trainers how to provide hands-on ecodriving instruction to your drivers.

    Direct Driver Training – Our certified instructors provide behind-the-wheel training directly to your fleet drivers.

Blended Learning

All of the learning approaches outlined above can be combined to create a blended Ecodriving program that best matches the needs and circumstances of your organization. We’re happy to tailor a customized solution that yields the best results for you.

Prepping Your Crew

For larger organizations, a powerful internal communications plan is important for building interest and support around your Ecodriving training. Take advantage of our complete menu of proven print, video, interactive and word-of-mouth capabilities to generate momentum for your Ecodriving program.