Coke followed a simple five-step process to prepare, launch, train and sustain its ecodriving training program entitled “SmartDriver.” The result: a more engaged fleet of 25,000 drivers who’ve already experienced significant fuel consumption savings.

Launch of Internal SmartDriver Brand and Campaign

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Instead of springing its new ecodriving program on its employees, Coca-Cola worked with Ecodriving Solutions to create a pre-launch campaign of nine videos to introduce SmartDriver to its fleet and support staff. This internal campaign began running in August of 2010 in preparation for the train-the-trainer program.

  • Training The Trainers

    In September, Ecodriving Solutions began a “Train-the-Trainer” initiative. Approximately 2,500 trainers were introduced to and shown how to use the course materials through a 20-minute video. Materials included facilitator and participant classroom guides for light-duty vehicles to heavy and medium trucks, a slide presentation and web-based training.

  • Classroom Training

    Now fully prepared to teach others about ecodriving, the 2,500 SmartDriver trainers trained 25,000 Coca-Cola fleet drivers in October. The company saw its new driving philosophy hit the streets in early November.

  • E-Learning

    Coca-Cola launched its Ecodriving Solutions web-based training in late December to use as a refresher course for those drivers who participated in the classroom training, as well as a convenient, ongoing tool to teach the SmartDriver program to new employees.

Built For Results

  • According to fleet executives, Coca-Cola employees have embraced SmartDriver more than any other internal initiative in recent memory.
  • Communications and training executives commented that the turnkey ecodriving training was developed and implemented faster than nearly every other internal environmental program at Coke.
  • The ability to track and measure the impact of Ecodriving Solutions training enables Coca-Cola to document tangible outcomes that strengthen and promote its corporate social responsibility and environmental mission.

Sustaining SmartDriver Training

Now that more than 25,000 Coca-Cola fleet drivers have been trained in the techniques of ecodriving, Coke is launching internal contests, online tracking and enterprise-wide social media channels to continue to encourage SmartDriver conversation and participation.

Ecodriving Solutions is about instilling a new environmental driving ethic that pays dividends for every year it’s in operation. Hopefully, that means forever.

Please contact us to learn more about how Ecodriving Solutions can empower your drivers to save significant fuel and maintenance costs while helping your organization do its part to protect the planet.